HTI and PKS, #SaveRohingya Is More Like a Hypocricy

#SaveRohingya HipocricySupporters of FSA in Indonesia scream loudly about Rohingya Refugees who got discrimination in Burma, while theirselves love discriminating others in their own country Indonesia, discriminating Shiite, discriminating Ahmediya, discriminating non muslims and others minorities. What a hypocrite Ikhwanul Muslimin and FSA supporters with mental of Wahabism…… Don’t talk about discrimination while you still love discriminating others. Go to Syria, join the rebels and DIE!

You have to thank Indonesian govt to save Rohingya, while you always hit Indonesian govt with your stupid angers, anti-democracy and anti-nationalism ideology!

We welcome Rohingya or others in suffers who want to ask refuge here but please keep watching behaviours. Don’t be like imigrants in Europe and America who finally hit european and american kind-heart people who had helped and saved them…… Demanding YOUR sharia and khilafah for the country! What???

Welcome to Indonesia. Enjoy our country for FREE……


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